The Lonesome Road

Approaching the cliffs

Lili stood at the helm of the ship, steering as best she could. After four days at the controls, she felt like she could be a passable sailor, in a very specialised setting. But then, it wasn’t going to matter soon. She could see the faint outline of the cliffs on the horizon, the cliffs they were heading towards at full tilt. Princess and the others were already preparing to take off in the vertibird, to go and hide somewhere safe with the radio until they were summoned to help with the escape. It wouldn’t matter if she was good at driving an aircraft carrier since they were about to destroy it.

There wasn’t much of a plan. Hell, there wasn’t really a plan at all after they rammed the city-aircraft carrier into the cliffs and presumably either caused a massive explosion or major structural damage to the boat and the commonwealth’s holdings as they ploughed far into the land. Given the speed they were going and the size of their vessel, she was inclined to think the second. They certainly weren’t going to just embarrassingly bounce off the side. There was something satisfying about knowing that any settlements too near the cliffside were probably going to meet a grisly end.

She had no remorse. After what they had done to her, to all others born of her batch, to all the experiments she had seen throughout her life here, she didn’t care if the group took out a few ‘innocents’ along the way. Nobody here was innocent. Everyone who lived and worked in the commonwealth was complicit, from the people who made bread and cleaned toilets all the way up to the top of the chain. They had done this to her and her family. She would quite happily kill anyone who stood between her and Eli.

As the cliffs became clearer on the horizon, she stepped away from the controls and headed out onto the flight deck. They were close enough now that, barring a freak tidal wave or something else of that magnitude, she didn’t need to steer the ship anymore. It was set on course and it wasn’t like she needed to carefully guide it into port or dock it. They were at full ramming speed. The commonwealth would have defences, of course. But they wouldn’t be expecting attack from the sea, because it was so radioactive here only the most foolhardy even went near the waters. They certainly wouldn’t be expecting the remains of Rivet City to come ploughing through whatever paltry defences would be stationed here.

Let them all burn. Let me kill as many as I can, then take Eli and never look back on the burning remains. Let me finally be free.



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