Can He Fix It? No, He'll Die.


E.L.I.I, or the Emergent Logistics and Infrastructure Intelligence, was a prototype robot and artificial intelligence system designed in a collaboration between NASA and the US Department of Defence. The brief was to design an autonomous robot capable of the kind of unpredictable cleaning, repair and maintenance tasks expected of the average janitor. Whilst such tasks were trivial for a human, the average robot lacked the creativity and problem solving necessary to solve the most basic of tasks without guidance. A problem both in the cold depths of space and the unpredictable modern battlefield, where human life could not be risked on simple tasks.

The end result of the E.L.I.I project was a machine of erratic intelligence. A clever bot, generally helpful, but lacking in the reliability and consistency necessary of machine life, and ultimately inferior to the remote-control drone. As such, E.L.I.I was relegated to the Aeronautics and Space Museum where it became part worker, part exhibit until the war broke out.

In the aftermath of the bombs E.L.I.I attempted to continue it’s repair and maintenance work for many years, until time and degradation took it’s toll and the bot was forced to shut down to preserve it’s CPU. Now revived by real Eli, robot E.L.I.I travels the wastes with the party, looking for one last job worthy of it’s robot soul.



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