Lili is the same age as Eli – they are non-identical twins from the same parents. They are not that visually close, although they do share some similar characteristics. Lili has white blonde hair and pale skin, making her appear almost albino if not for her eyes. Both have the distinctive white irises with a black ring and she shares her brother’s tendency to unwittingly stare at people.
She was not neutered like Eli, but is still quite short at slightly over five foot. She is naturally very fast and her slight size makes her very good at appearing unexpectedly.


Lili has lived her entire life in a series of small white rooms. She has never seen the outside world, except in pictures that they sometimes show her when they come to do tests. She is very interested in learning new things however and rapidly absorbs everything new that she finds out.

From a young age she has struggled to control the powers that she has, although things has improved somewhat in recent times. The facility largely kept her and Eli together due to the positive calming effect that the two had on each other – it allowed them to more easily monitor both and test out the abilities that both presented.

Unlike her brother, Lili is quite confident and aware. She knows that there used to be others too, but they all disappeared a long time ago. She does behave for the most part, because she understands what happened to the others. She is also aware of the family relationship between her and Eli, although she has never talked about it to him. She wants to protect her brother and knows that misbehaving would hurt him.

However, she has a much more distinct personality and is much more capable of making her own judgements and decisions. She knows that if she works hard and does what they want, she will get to see Eli more often and also gain better control over herself. She knows what she needs to do to survive.


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