Snowden "Snowy" Close



Snowy crudely draws a Spacesuit in the dirt
“I’m looking for man with armor like this.”
“Never seen it. Never seen him. Why’chu want him?”
“He’s a Spaceman. I want to kill this spaceman.”

Snowy was the deputy sheriff of a small frontier community called Merritt. The water was still good (save for the crocs and toe-fish), and fish were plentiful (including the toe-fish. Don’t mess with toe-fish). Caravans still passed by, leading to uneasy stand-offs but also trade with other pockets of civilization. It was pretty idyllic, like the happy life of any Disney character in the first ten minutes of the film. Nothing could possibly go wrong or interrupt it.

Then the town exploded.

The falling wreckage of a makeshift re-entry capsule’s heat-shield instantly destroyed the town. Michael Bay, (the town’s shopkeep and head of their annual fireworks show) would’ve been impressed if he wasn’t spending so much time being killed by falling metal from space. The rest of the craft crashed into nearby deep water.

Only those out dealing with a caravan of Cross Chain priests survived, and only Snowy saw the Spaceman climb from the wreckage. A guilty spaceman. There was an argument against his guilt, with the entire local government being destroyed and a good lawyer could’ve argued for his case, if lawyers still existed. Which they don’t.

Snowden "Snowy" Close

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