(The) Duke

An Impulsive Jack who Moves like a Cat


The Duke is a lean man of just above average height, with no left arm. When his skin is not transparent it is very pale, no amount of time spent in the sun seems to be able to change that. His hair is short and bright red.

Whenever he speaks, this plays in the background: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csLmzOGftlI


The Duke was born in a Vault near the southern coast. Due to an unfortunate combination of poor luck and an architectural flaw, the vault was not as radiation-proof as it was meant to, and as a result its inhabitants were not your average humans. Some had extra limbs, some had strange eyes or ears, some had weak immune systems. The Duke had light-sensitive translucent skin, and no left arm.

A mutant in a community of mutants, the Duke had a calm and pleasant childhood. From a young age he displayed an inability to worry, as well as an unhealthy fascination with fire. To his advantage, however, he had the agility to get himself out of harms way, and the voice of an angel. A sexy, sexy angel.

The Duke could easily have stayed in the Vault his entire life, enjoying a peaceful existence and propagating the mutant community he was part of. But alas, he had bigger dreams. He wanted to see the world!
On the night of his 20th birthday, having grown thoroughly bored with the Vault, he packed a bag with food, water, and clothes, and left for the surface.

On occasion he came to regret leaving his understanding community behind, as his strange skin did him no favours among the surface people, and his perpetual state of calm unnerved some people even more than the skin did. However, with his wit and his voice he got by, making plenty of friends and even more enemies as he went along.

Despite all the unpleasantness that was to be found there, the Duke knew that he was meant for life on the surface. He enjoyed the travelling, the sights, the meeting of new people. At one point he looked at the sunset and thought to himself, Nothing in the world could make me prefer home to this. As if the universe had heard him and taken it as a challenge, the next thing the Duke remembered was seeing someone that might have been God, and then waking up by a wrecked caravan with 4 strangers.

(The) Duke

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