Eli looks to be in his teens, although it is difficult to tell exactly how old he is. He is very small at about 5ft, with a childish face and a mop of messy black hair. He is thin in an angular, bony way, as if he’s never really had enough to eat. He is naturally quite fast and dextrous, and his slight size makes him very good at squeezing into small spaces and reaching hard-to-get objects.

Eli’s voice is a lot higher than would be expected for a teen boy, which makes some people wonder is ‘he’ is actually a ‘she’. He has no sight in his left eye after an accident that he doesn’t remember. His irises are white with a black outer ring which unnerves people, and he has a naturally wide stare which makes him look constantly scared or surprised.


Eli has lived his entire life in a series of small white rooms. He has never seen the outside world except in pictures that they sometimes show him when they come to do tests. Mostly he is just left on his own, but occasionally he is taken to rooms with strange machine to meet tall people with clipboards and needles. They aren’t very nice to him, but he knows that he has earned it by being imperfect and he just needs to behave. He is very used to doing what he is told and he knows his place in the world – he was born to serve.

There used to be others too, but they all disappeared a long time ago. He has only one friend now, a girl called Lili. She is like him, born for a reason, born to serve. They used to see each other more often, but it has been a while now – he thinks since before he was last sedated. He misses her very much.

Eli is very trusting and impressionable, making him an easy target for manipulation. He is also very scared of the outside world and does not like the unfamiliar and new. He has been moved a lot in recent times; probably between facilities although he is always asleep when it happens. He is not sure why he is being moved, but his handlers tell him something exciting will happen to him soon if he’s very good and helpful, so he tries to hide his distress. He hopes Lili will be there too.


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