The Lonesome Road

For the good of humanity

It isn’t co-operating.

Still? It’s been months.

She wants us to keep trying. But personally I don’t think it’s going to work. I think she’s just desperate not to throw away years of research. It’s the last one to survive from this project.

It was already a lost cause as soon as it got taken. We should have scrapped it for parts weeks ago.

Scrapping it is no use. But the guys down in Biotech, they may have found a way to subdue it.

How? We’ve been trying for months. It’s resistant to poison, to all anaesthesia we’ve tried. We can’t coerce or threaten it and we have nothing it wants. Nothing works.

This might. And if it does, we can finally execute the development initiative.

Wait, really?

I hope so. Think of the good we could do with even a little bit of its blood. We can get so much from it, and we wouldn’t even have to kill it. If only it had been sooner…

I know. The possibilities are staggering. We’ll really make a difference in the world at last, lasting good to help fix some of the fuck-ups of humanity.

I hope this works.



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